JAKE HALLER, Co Owner Managing Partner

With almost thirty years of experience, Jake Haller is a household name in the timeshare and vacations club industry. He has served as the Director of Marketing for many major players in the vacation industry such as Shell Vacations Club, Ka’anapali Oceans Resort and Fairfield Resorts, to name a few.

Jake started his career in the business as an OPC. He understands that it doesn’t only take exceptional skills to be successful in the competitive industry of timeshare—but more importantly, one must know how to value relationships with customers and clients. With commendable hard work and resilience, Jake advanced himself to management roles, and later on, founded his own marketing companies. He strongly believes that being an OPC is a reputable career, and he strives to instill this philosophy not only to his team but to everyone. What makes Jake thrive is his high regard for honesty, integrity, and genuine customer service. These are the core values of Winning Ways. Jake also brings valuable contributions to the community as he is actively involved with fund raisers and charities. On his free time, he travels with his wife Victoria, and enjoy all sorts of adventures with son Jacob. Undeniably, the success of Winning Ways is deeply rooted to the inspiration that Jake Haller brings to his team on a daily basis. He is the solid anchor of the company that aspires to create the true essence of win-win.


VICTORIA HALLER, Co Owner Sales and Admin Support

Victoria Haller is the Sales and Administrative support of Winning Ways.  She is a graduate of U.C. Davis and a licensed R.E. agent in the State of California.  She brings to the table over twenty years of sales closing and executive management experience.   She was instrumental in the success of Trendwest Resorts and Shell Vacations whom are all part of the Wyndham Vacation Ownership Family now.  Victoria has been awarded over 20 sales and management achievement awards, with one of them being a lifetime member of the prestigious President’s Club.  Her ambition, leadership skills blended with her charisma makes the ideal executive.  Her remarkable ability to adapt to different kinds of situations and relate to all kinds of people contributes to her success.

Her passion is helping guests realize the importance of quality family time and assisting them in taking the initiative to actualize their dreams.  Victoria enjoys hiking in the outdoors, exploring new destinations and running with her JRT. 


SUZETTE HERNANDEZ, Operations Manager

Suzette Hernandez earned her Bachelor’s degree in Communications in the Philippines where she is born and raised. She moved to the US in 2009 and started her professional career in the US as one of the first OPCs at Wyndham Canterbury in San Francisco. Over the years, she has built extensive background in sales and marketing. Being the goal-oriented-go-getter woman that she is, she constantly challenges herself to explore her wide array of skills. In 2014, Suzette became Operations Manager for Winning Ways, She played a major role in the early stages of the company expansion wearing multiple hats in the administrative department for Northern and Southern California and USVI. Suzette holds down the fort in all of Winning Ways’ operations and still manages to go out to events and OPC on Saturdays. Outside of Winning Ways, she enjoys traveling and exploring different countries and cultures with her fiance.


TED FERNANDEZ, Northern California Manager

Ted started his career with Winning Ways when he first relocated to California.  Based to his own dedication to CANI, he has grown tremendously with Winning Ways, moving up from a role model Jr./Sr. OPC to an effective Regional Manager. Ted loves to travel and help people, being in the timeshare industry excites him as he is able to help people and families travel together and save money at the same time. Ted is a courageous guy who constantly challenges himself mentally and physically by preparing for and completing half marathons in record time.  Not afraid of obstacles in life, he has successfully participated and finished the “Tough Mudder” 12 mile obstacle course race in Las Vegas.


JUSTIN POOLE, Southern California Manager

He joined the team at the end of 2014 and quickly made a name for himself. With a unique background Justin brings a laid back positive management style. He has a can do attitude and always ready to jump in with a new idea. He hails from the Orange County area and is married to Kelsie Poole.


DYLAN LI, Business Admin Manager

Dylan Li graduated from SFSU in 2013 with a BS in Business Administration and Marketing. Dylan’s responsibilities are in the areas of management, event coordination, and company wide expansion. His work background consists of retail sales & management. The team looks up to Dylan for his notable professionalism and one of a kind personality. He spends his leisure time competing in worldwide multiplayer video gaming; he is ranked within the top one percent of North America and streams himself live on


CLAUDETTE BRADLEY, Office Supervisor, Oasis Tours & Activity Center
A classically trained musician, Claudette is the former pianist for the United States Marine Corps Band. She has traveled extensively and worked overseas for 12 years. She puts her strong customer service background at Oasis Tours and Activity center helping guests find the most suitable activity for them while in Palm Springs. Claudette also plays a valuable role of admin support for the Socal team


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